Barrier Coatings

Barrier Coatings

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    Corrosion inhibiting encapsulation coating for industrial steel and concrete structures.


  • COCOON 111

    • Cocoon 111 is a non-adhering protective coating used for long-term storage of materials and equipment otherwise susceptible to corrosion.
    • With this product, equipment may be stored for many years, yet returned to production within hours.
    • Provides a complete sealing against moisture, corrosion and dust infiltration.


  • COCOON 501

    • Forms a tough, strong permanent waterproof skin that is adoptable to most surfaces
    • It will bridge gaps and provide a complete air barrier
    • Seals against moisture, gases, corrosion, and particulates, and maintains excellent low temperature flexibility


  • COCOON 550

    • Wherever it is sprayed, COCOON 550 will form a tough, flexible, waterproof skin that will withstand the extremes of temperature, thermal shock, differential substrate movement, and impingement.
    • Formulated for protection of exterior surfaces subject to mechanical stresses, impact, and harsh climatic conditions.
  • COCOON 560

    • COCOON 560 is formulated to withstand constant washing with harsh cleaners. Used mainly as a wall/ ceiling finish where a tough moisture/vapor barrier is desired. Can also be used to withstand immersion.
    • Used in many situations including dewatering areas, shower areas, swimming pools, vehicle cleaning facilities, laboratories and other areas abrasion resistance, washability, moisture protection, chemical protection are important.

    • COCOON VINYL BOND B is an adhesion promoter and prime coat for the Cocoon series of products.
    • COCOON VINYL BOND B is an adhesive resin solution which can be sprayed onto any clean, dry building surface where it will rapidly condition the surface to accept the appropriate Cocoon coating.

    • COCOON WEBBING AGENT is a resin solution that is a reinforcing additive. COCOON WEBBING AGENT, when mixed with any Cocoon coating, is used to form a bridge over openings.
    • A properly sprayed coat of COCOON WEBBING AGENT will result in a fine, dry, cobweb-like filament which will not break of its own weight.