Trump Building Wall Street, New York, NY

Products used: Polaprime 21, Polaroof AC

The roof of the Trump Building on Wall Street in New York City is an impressive ornate copper pyramid visible for many miles around as part of the downtown Manhattan skyline.  In August 2000, the copper surface needed protection, and access was extremely difficult for any type of work to be carried out on this roof.
Polaroof AC is a high quality acrylic coating with corrosion-inhibiting pigments that provide long-lasting protection to all types of metal roofs.  The rheology (liquid flow characteristics) of the Polaroof AC allowed it to be applied at an appropriate thickness to the many near-vertical surfaces.  Steeplejacks working from ropes suspending them several hundred feet about street level applied the coating to the many intricate details, then coated the entire roof with an overall coating of the Polaroof AC.  The color of this roof was a custom match for the original patina green, although it does bear a striking similarity to the green that one associates with Wall Street.