Throgs Neck Bridge, New York, NY

Products used: Roofdx Super, Roofab

This was one of many similar roofs that span roadway and toll booths, presenting a variety of challenges in 1992. There was an average of 9 penetrations per 100 square feet. Clearance between ducts that covered 60% of the roof was less than 30 inches, and the coating work could be performed only between 2:00 am and 4:30 am each day.
RoofdX Super and Roofab were used to provide a fully reinforced, seamless, waterproof protection on the roofs at most of the bridges within the Triboro Bridge Authority. All of the penetrations were sealed by the efficient fluid contact of the RoofdX Super, and good strength and resilience was maintained by the composite formed by integration with the Roofab. Difficulty of access was reduced by using custom-cut widths of Roofab and, because there was no need to protect unfinished work, the discontinuity of short work days was transcended.