Philadelphia Park Horse Stables, Philadelphia, PA

Products used: Polaprime 21, Polaroof AC

This series of buildings consisting of stables, storage facilities, and a veterinary clinic had metal roofs that needed to be waterproofed, protected from corrosion, and to be modified to reduce the heat inside the buildings.  This also needed to be achieved without disrupting the activities of a busy racetrack and without scaring any of the valuable racehorses.
A total of 460,000 square feet was treated in 3 seasons from 1997 to 1999 for rust prevention using Polaprime 21, reinforcing with Roofab and Polaroof AC, then coated with Polaroof AC in a highly reflective white finish.  All of the roofs were restored, protected, and waterproofed.  The inside temperature was reduced considerably, making a more comfortable environment for the racehorses and their grooms and trainers.