The Moshulu, Philadelphia, PA

Products used: Polaprime 21, Roofab, Polaroof RAC

The Moshulu is a steel hull sailing ship with a remarkable history going back a century.  In 1998, the owner was outfitting the ship to serve as a floating restaurant on the Philadelphia waterfront and needed to provide deck surfaces that would be suitable for outdoor dining, dancing and entertainment.  Additionally, the steel deck needed to be protected from corrosion and to effectively waterproof the dining and galley areas below.
Surface preparation was carried out, including corrosion inhibiting treatment with Polaprime 21 and reinforcing and sealing with Roofab and Polaroof RAC .  The deck was then coated with an appropriate thickness of Polarof RAC and allowed to cure thoroughly.  The finished deck was tropical hardwood, which presented problems of attachment to the steel deck without compromising the integrity of the waterproofing protective system.  The solution was to lay stringers over a fresh coat of Polaroof RAC and fire ballistic fasteners through them into the steel deck.  The Polaroof RAC was able to seal around the shank of the fasteners and prevent undercutting of the stringers.  The hardwood deck was attached to the stringers and the finished deck provided the ideal entertainment surface.