The Lotus Shrine, Yogaville, VA

Products used: Wearcoat 44

The Lotus Shrine in Yogaville, VA is the largest Budhist Temple in North America. The expansive wooden roof, while functional, needed to be reinforced and waterproofed to protect the single ply roof. In addition, the final coat would be a unique blend of custom colors..

The design process was to transform the entire roof the Shrine that measured 150,000 sq ft. into a large Lotus Flower. The process of painting the roof involved careful blending of the Wearcoat 44 from each color to the next so that a harmonius transition occured.

Wearcoat 44 is an aliphatic polyurethane coating with excellent color retention, UV resistance and flexibility, its versatility, stability and unique pot-life characteristics allowed the artist to create a lasting inspirational icon.