Limona Lighthouse, Papillion, NE

Products used: Roofdx Copper

The 130-foot tall lighthouse at Limona Beach is situated between Lincoln and Omaha and is rather unusual in many ways, not the least of which is its Midwestern location.  Originally built in 1932, its copper roof was practically corroded through and worn out by 1995.  Tearing off and replacing it with new copper would have been extremely difficult, expensive, and would have destroyed the unique workmanship of the original fabrication.
RoofdX Copper was used to repair and seal the damage to the original copper.  Several coats of RoofdX Copper were used to rebuild back to the original thickness of the copper roof while retaining the contour and detail of the substrate.  The finished appearance of the lighthouse roof was identical to how it would have been observed back in 1932..