Jazzland Amusement Park, New Orleans, LA

Products used: Polagard AG

Jazzland Amusement Park in New Orleans was planned with a color scheme that included all of the Mardi Gras colors: scarlet, purple, yellow, green, etc. This color scheme included the roofs which were to be fabricated from Atas Metal; however, these colors were not available from the manufacturer.
Polagard AG from Andek Corporation is an aliphatic polyurethane coating with outstanding color and gloss retention, together with superior weather resistance. The Polagard AG was custom-tinted to the Mardi Gras color scheme and shop-applied to the metal panels. After the Polagard AG had thoroughly cured, the metal panels were installed to produce a roof with a superior layer of protection and maintaining the conceptual continuity of the architectural design.