POLAGARD CLASSIC is a high quality, water-based, elastomeric wall coating with waterproofing properties. It produces a permanently flexible coating to bridge hairline cracks and withstand thermal movement in a substrate. POLAGARD CLASSIC provides a satin-type finish that is architecturally enhancing, long-lasting, and weatherproof.


Outstanding Features:


Recommended for:

Can be used over concrete, stucco, mineral composites, bricks/masonry, EIFS, insulation, wood, wood composites, PUF and others.





Surface must be firm and free of dirt, efflorescence, oils, grease, loose debris or any other substance that may interfere with bond. It is advisable to have a dry substrate.  If the surface is damp, test the surface first by applying coating to a 4' x 4' area.  If no sags or runs occur within 30 minutes and the coating appears to be taking a normal cure, application can proceed. Previously coated or treated surfaces must be tested prior to application to insure proper adhesion. It is advisable to fill any heavily pocked, spalled or broken areas of substrate. Repair cracks greater than 1/16" with a premium grade of acrylic caulk. Mound the caulk slightly so that the repair is flush with the wall surface and allow to cure 4 to 6 hours.  Apply POLAGARD CLASSIC over repaired areas. POLAGARD CLASSIC may be brushed, airless sprayed, or rolled.  For airless spray, be sure to use a reversible tip (a #36 orifice is a recommended starting tip).  For roller application, a 1-1/4" nap roller provides good results.  The nap thickness can be varied to accommodate the substrate. POLAGARD CLASSIC may be thinned with no more than 3-5 oz. of water per gallon.  Apply two coats at 15-20 wet mils thickness per coat.  Allow the first coat to set (approx. 2-4 hours) before applying the second coat.  It is advisable to backroll the first coat to insure optimum weatherproofing and reduce pinholing. Power stir product for 2 minutes at low speed before use. Always apply to the shaded areas of the building with ambient surface temperatures. Unshaded areas may have high surface temperatures that can cause rapid skinning of the coating and blisters may appear.


Clean up:

Clean tools and equipment with water before Polagard Classic dries; after that, solvent cleaning may be necessary.



Do not apply to frozen or saturated surfaces.  Do not apply if the temperature is predicted to drop below 35°F within 4 hours of completion of application. Do not apply if precipitation is forecast within 4 hours of completion of application. Protect product from freezing. Shelf life is 24 months in closed containers stored indoors.



Read the container label warning and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for important health and safety information prior to the use of this product. 



If a surface becomes dirty, spray with a mild soapy water solution and rinse with clear water. Do not use high pressure spray or solvents.  For harder-to-clean areas or damaged coating, re-coat with POLAGARD CLASSIC. 


Keep out of reach of children and pets.

For additional information, contact the Andek Technical Department.


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Andek Polagard Classic



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