K CATALYST is an aramid fiber that may be added to approved  Andek coatings to boost viscosity and adjust the rheological behavior to individual application requirements.  K CATALYST will thicken the coating to a paste or caulk-like consistency, enabling the coating to be used for repairs, preparation work, and other activities that require a thickened material.  K CATALYST may be added in precise measured amounts to achieve the intended characteristics required by the applicator.


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Before use, also read the product data sheet for the product that is being combined with K CATALYST. By order of the United States Government, this product must not be used for any illegal or military purpose, or be exported to any prohibited  country. K CATALYST may be used with Polaroof  RAC, RoofdX Super, Polaroof NW, Encapsall, NW Z Grade, AIM#1, AIM #2, AIM #3, and Polafloor Epoxy Topping. The use of K CATALYST with any  other Andek product should only be attempted after thorough consultation with the Andek Technical Department. 

Add approximately ½ of a 1 pound unit of K CATALYST into a 5 gallon pail of Andek coating and stir thoroughly and vigorously for at least 3 minutes, using an Andek ProPower Mixer or similar effective mechanical device. The K CATALYST is microscopically similar to a mass of tight springs that need to be pulled apart with high shear mixing to achieve maximum performance. After thorough homogeneity has been achieved, let the mixture sit for approximately 3 to 5 minutes. This will allow trapped air bubbles to rise up and escape from the mixture and for the associative thickening effect to develop. If the viscosity is still not sufficient for the purpose required, additional K CATALYST may be added and the above procedure repeated until the target rheology is achieved. Then apply the mixed coating, following the instructions on the coating's container label.  



K CATALYST will reduce the pot life of the following products to six hours: Polaroof RAC, RoofdX Super, Encapsall Super, and AIM #1. The pot life of the following products will be unaffected by the addition of K Catalyst: Polaroof NW, NW Z Grade, AIM #2, AIM #3, and Polafloor Epoxy Topping. A powerful mixer is essential for best results. Keep K CATALYST dry, as it is ineffective if wet.



Read the container label warning and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for important health and safety information prior to the use of this product. 



For additional information, contact the Andek Technical Department


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