CLEARCOAT AQ is a single component, waterborne aliphatic urethane that produces a clear, tough, protective gloss coating.  It has excellent adhesion properties and produces a film that is hard, flexible, and chemically resistant.  CLEARCOAT AQ has excellent resistance to UV, abrasion, oxidation, humidity, impact and solvents.


Outstanding Features:

  • Adheres to most substrates, quickly and permanently
  • Protects against wear, weather, and chemical attack
  • Has low toxidity and meets all VOC regulations
  • Saves time and labor; easy to handle
  • Produces a film that is hard, flexible, and chemically resistant
  • Is exceptionally tough, durable, and crack resistant



Various Uses:


Recommended for:

Can be used over concrete, insulation, mineral composites, wood, wood composites, rubber, plastic composites, slate, tile, PUF, gypsum, bitumenous and other surfaces.





Caution! Read this entire data sheet before continuing.

Substrate must be sound and free of loose debris, oil, grease, or any substance that could interfere with adhesion.  Stir before use with low speed mixing—DO NOT ENTRAIN AIR DURING MIXING.  Apply using brush or airless spray technique. Try to apply CLEARCOAT AQ evenly to avoid runs or voids.  Apply in 1 or 2 coats at a rate of 3-5 wet mils per coat. Coverage will vary depending on substrate porosity.  Allow to fully dry (approximately 2-7 hours, depending on weather conditions) before work continues.


Clean up:

Clean tools and equipment with water or soapy water before drying.



Clearcoat AQ can be cleaned with mild detergents and water.  In the event of damage or loss of gloss due to abrasion, Clearcoat AQ may be reapplied directly over itself. 



Do not apply to frozen substrates.  Do not apply if the temperature falls below 40°F. Avoid applying product in direct sunlight on very hot days. Protect from precipitation for at least 4 hours after application. Shelf life is 18 months in sealed containers. Store indoors in temperatures between 40°F and 90°F.



Read the container label warning and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for important health and safety information prior to the use of this product.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

For additional information, contact our Technical Department.


Technical Data:



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