COCOON CLEANING SOLVENT is a blend of solvents specially formulated for cleaning equipment used for spraying or otherwise applying the Cocoon series of products.  COCOON CLEANING SOLVENT may also be used to adjust the viscosity of the Cocoon coatings for application purposes.


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When cleaning spray equipment, a primary flush will loosen most of the Cocoon coating in the equipment and hoses. The cleaning solvent from this flush should be suitably marked and put to one side, then a second flush with clean cleaning solvent should remove most residual coating.  The solvent from this flushing should be suitably marked and put away for future re-use or re-cycling. When adjusting the viscosity of Cocoon coatings, one should be aware of pertinent local, state, and federal V.O.C. regulations so that additions of solvent do not exceed permissible levels.  Adjustment to maintain a constant viscosity may be necessary due to evaporative loss of solvent in an open feeder pot.  This should be carefully controlled for both V.O.C. purposes and to produce an even, dry film thickness of the Cocoon coating.  When cleaning guns and spray tips, it is better to disassemble, soak briefly, then dry off thoroughly rather than to leave soaking for a prolonged period of time.  Also, it is important that the correct seals are used in the equipment and that soaking time in cleaning solvent is kept to a minimum to reduce swelling of seals. When using Cocoon Cleaning Solvent for pretreatment of specified plastic or synthetic surfaces, it is important that the wiping materials are clean so as to avoid introducing a contaminant to the surface that could impair adhesion. It is also important that the wiping materials are replaced frequently during the process to avoid re-introducing any contaminant that is being removed.



Proper ventilation must be provided during all uses involving Cocoon and Cocoon Cleaning Solvent.  Knowledge of all local, state and federal regulations regarding recycling and disposal of used cleaning solvent is imperative.



Damaged areas may be re-primed by cleaning and re-spraying the COCOON VINYL BOND B as described in the Application section.



Read the container label warning and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for important health and safety information prior to the use of this product. 

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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